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Own Your Own Business!

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Most people will never own their own business, but as J. Paul Getty says "you'll never get rich working for someone else."
When you work for other people you earn them money, but when you retire, all the hard work that you put in over the years...
continues to earn them money, and all you have to show for it is your mutual funds and if your lucky a house.
Even mutual funds as Robert Kiyosaki teaches, a mutual fund is based on the idea that you will have no income when you retire.

No Income... What's that about?

No a mutual fund is not income, you have already earned that money, remember. The interest it earns is income, but unless you're lucky,
you won't be able to live off the interest. So, at retirement you get to live off your dwindling finances.
I hope your healthy and don't live too long, otherwise how do you survive? Live off the government, good luck.

So, now what?

You just worked your whole life for what? ... Someone else ...
Don't let this happen to you, read Rich Dad, Poor Dad, and start thinking differently, don't think poor anymore.

A business is started with a product or service that you sell.
The important thing is that the business is profitable, and don't rely on one source of income,
assume that your primary source will dry up, look for multiple things to make money from.
Writing books, playing music, plowing snow, etc... if you think long enough you'll figure out what you want to do,
but books and music looses popularity, or maybe one winter it doesn't snow.
Make sure you have something else to bring in income.

If you want to work from home check out this site, lots of suggestions.

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